The role of leadership cannot be overstated. Leaders set the tone, maintain standards, and are responsible for the critical decisions for any organization.


At times, particularly in hospitality, leaders can be unaware of how crucial their roles truly are. If a leader views a duty as unimportant, the staff will as well; if a leader brings in a foul mood, it will trickle down; if a leader criticizes another leader publicly, the organization becomes divided.


In short, manager burnout must be avoided at all costs - yet it’s all too common in hospitality. Management engagement is the backbone of employee engagement, and a manager suffering from burnout will never be all-in. An engaged leader is one who works with clear goals and objectives, aligned with their values and with a sense of purpose.


This workshop is delivered in two parts. The first opens up the dialogue and ensures that there is a united vision amongst management, while addressing burnout, balance and leadership styles. The second is focused on personal statements of leadership, healthy conflict, and creating sustainable success. Conflict is completely natural amongst leaders - in fact, it makes us better. Trust and openness are the keys. Unhealthy conflict, created by a lack of openness, splits businesses apart.


This workshop:

  • Discusses different styles of leadership, why each can be effective, and how flexibility is key

  • Explores what type of leader each participant intends to be, and checks in on how closely their current actions align with their goal

  • Creates a personal statement of leadership for each participant. With clarity and intention, a leader can accomplish their goals

  • Addresses warning signs of burnout, and tools for avoiding it

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