Openness & Communication

Openness is the foundation of high functioning teams. The equation is simple: Openness creates trust. Trust builds cohesive relationships. Cohesive relationships are the blueprint for highly effective teams.


Openness, like any habit, must be practiced and used intentionally.


This workshop:

  • Provides tools for practicing open, useful conversations

  • Develops an understanding of the difference between healthy conflict and dysfunctional gossip

  • Explains how getting straight to the point saves hours of wasted time, eliminates inefficiencies, and keeps staff engaged and part of the team

At times, people confuse being open with saying exactly what’s on their mind at all times (ie "How can you be so stupid?!"). This isn’t actually being open - an insult isn’t often at the core of what the person is really feeling. The Openness & Communication workshop delves further into this, allowing participants to explore negative emotions and find ways of sharing them to provide positive results.

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Based in Victoria, B.C.


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