Vision & Values

When a team is working towards a shared goal, they are far more effective in producing that outcome. Seems simple, right?


Well, what actually is the vision of your organization? To create repeat clients? To be a leader in your community? To be the best workplace and attract the industry’s finest? To deliver exceptional guest experience, time and time again?


It’s likely a dish made of all of these ingredients, but what’s important is to be clear - and for employees to be clear, too. When those who are working towards the vision are a part of the creation of the vision statement, the buy-in will be exponentially greater.

This workshop:

  • Asks the question, 'What is my job for?' This is answered collectively by each department to create a unified answer

  • Culminates in the creation of a departmental and/or organizational vision statement that is created collaboratively by the team  

  • Isolates the organization's unique values, creating a touchstone to look to whenever crucial decisions are being made. The most important decisions must fit with the organization’s value systems, or it will lack authenticity and accountability

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